Garage Floors

We offer some of the highest quality, budget-friendly, garage floor coatings including single-coat applications and three-coat flake applications. We have the ability to apply these products at any thickness and guarantee fast cure times, 100% UV protection against damage and colour-fading.

Our polyaspartic coatings also offer the highest abrasion-resistant properties, making them perfect for coating garage floors, automotive shops, industrial settings and any other high-traffic areas.

Another option, flake broadcast floors, offers one of the toughest concrete coating options on the market and are very popular in garages and shops due to their industrial-grade durability and attractive coloured appearance.

In addition to their impressive appearance, these garage floor coatings keep dirt, oil and road salts at the surface, keeping them easy to clean and maintain.

Our Process

We start by diamond grinding the slab to open up the pores of the concrete, allowing the coating to bleed into the slab to create a permanent bond. Next, we fill any cracks and perform any patch work that may need to be done.

Once the slab is properly prepped, we apply the pigmented polyaspartic base coat. Then, we can either leave the coating as is for a budget-friendly single coat application, or we can broadcast a number of different chips or flake into the coating while it’s wet. Next, we scrape and vacuum the excess flake before applying a clear coat of polyaspartic to seal off the floor.

There are infinite color options available in different sizes of flake, including matte and gloss finishes which can often be completed in a single day.


  • 100% U.V. stability. They will not amber/yellow
  • Crystal clear finish that won’t blush from moisture migrating through the slab
  • Similar high abrasion and scratch resistance to polyurethane
  • Hot tire pick up is a non-issue
  • High to thin film build and high gloss finish
  • High solids content with little to no VOCs in most applications
  • High stain and chemical resistance
  • Good flexibility for higher impact resistance