Concrete Resurfacing & Repair

We offer several categories of quality concrete repair and concrete restoration to those looking for surface repairs they can trust.

Damaged concrete surfaces are often the result of exposure to water and other internal and external forces that impact its resilience and decrease its lifespan, especially in Canada’s colder climate.

AK Concrete Design is a bonded company that can fix all kinds of damage. We fill cracks, repair spalling and pitting and offer expert repairs to damaged indoor and outdoor home concrete and commercial surfaces to ensure they go back to looking new again.

When it comes to our products, we use a trustworthy, high-strength, polymer-modified cementitious topping material formulated and engineered for a variety of applications including thin resurfacing and concrete overlaying.
Need to repair your concrete slab, driveway or steps? Try resurfacing with a decorative exterior overlay instead of tearing out and replacing.

AK Concrete Design uses a product called thin-finish for all exterior home concrete resurfacing. Thin Finish is an extremely versatile, high strength, polymer modified, cementitious topping material formulated and engineered for thin resurfacing and overlaying.

Thin Finish reduces surface defects and restores concrete surfaces and is available in different texturing options including broom finish, spray texture, and stone troweled textures. In addition to improving your surfaces appearance with a product that can be stained to resemble real stone, Thin Finish also helps with abrasion and slip resistance, resistant to freeze/thaw cycles, moisture and other weather elements.

Spray Finish

Spray/Knock-Down textures are often used to improve surfaces that require a high slip resistance. Pool decks, concrete steps, driveways and walkways are just a few examples.

Our application process uses a hopper gun similar to ceiling textures and can be knocked down with a trowel if desired. To maximize the aesthetic, different colors and patterns are achieved using Portion Controlled Colorants and tape.

Broom Finish

This application is designed to resurface existing concrete slabs with a thin layer of polymer modified cement.

Broom Finish is a more conservative look that is achieved by dragging a broom across the material while it is wet to resemble real broom finish concrete. While matching the exact look of the existing concrete is almost impossible, we can come extremely close to matching it by using the portion controlled colorant.

This is a convenient and affordable option that acts as a viable alternative to tearing out and replacing.

Stone Troweled

These are some of the most popular overlay options due to their unique and custom appearance. We can mimic stone, tile or brick using Portion Control Colorant and tape ensuring your home concrete provides the appearance you seek.

Troweled Textured Overlays are a perfect candidate for those with spalled/pitted surfaces that don’t want to resort to the costs and inconvenience that comes from tearing out and replacing completely.

This texture can be installed on interior or exterior slabs and is a great look for basement floors and steps.